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i have been playing somewhat of a recluse from the blogosphere, which is a bit of a curious way to label my internet inaction, as it has all to do with living 100% in the real world and in the moment. i have been in america for almost the last two months - first road tripping up and down the california coast with nick, trekking back to the east coast to relax down south in my hometown of chantilly and introduce nick to southern hospitality (as well as the colorless suburbs, where bars are mandated to close at 2 and last call is at 1 and there is a strip mall every 15 miles) and hopping on a plane and traveling all the way north for photography work in vermont. things are coming to a close here and i will be packing my bags and heading to new jersey to visit family, returning "home" (read: parent's house) for an evening and will then be making my way through long lines of security, removing shoes and taking electronics out of my bag and placing them into opaque plastic bins before repacking everything and boarding a plane back to berlin (not without the mandatory layover).

at the moment i am not exactly sure what role blogging plays in my life anymore. i am not exactly sure if i want to continue to blog and if the answer to that question is yes, what kind of path i want it to take. in the meantime, while i internally debate my ever so pressing first-world problem, i will continue to post photos from my time here in the US, beginning with a in Los Angeles.

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