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whether this means in an ivy preppy direction with a cable knit sweater and collared blouse underneath, a bit of a tomboy preppy look, a private school upper east side blairesque style, japanese school girl influenced, or a bit of a gothic wednesday addams looks, my biggest influence when it comes to my fashion choices lately has been inspiration from school girl style. (of course not every outfit of mine is so inspired, but most of them do include some schoolgirlesque element.) i'll be posting all of my "schoolgirl inspired" styles, first sharing with you some of my favorite darker more gothic inspired school girl inspirations as i am extremely into what i would call a gothicy if-wednesday-addams-were-a-japanese-school-girl. think, blacks whites, collared shirts and dresses (pointed or rounded), tiny gothic elements, creepers, and baby pinks with black. (some images are repeats! because i just love them so much) this isn't your typical catholic school girl look, or industrial goth look, it's just a bit gothic and school girl inspired. it's feminine, but just a little bit creepy.

lg, Rae

i just received a surprise package from from my mother (who lives in america). i was so touched and it made my heart warm to receive it! not only was i amazingly happy because i love audrey hepburn, but it was such a thoughtful gift, since my mother took the time to send me something and it was something that is personal to me and my interests.

Lg, rae

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Lg, Rae

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