last weekend


here is a photo from last sunday. a bunch of us hung out in the park and then went and made swedish rolls in the evening. a perfect way to spend a sunday if you ask me. other than that, i have been alternating between being extremely lazy and very productive - the fruits of my labors will be posted on this blog soon. uni starts soon which is a bit of a blessing and a curse. it means i have to prioritize academics, and just as i finally decided i really want to persue art and music. the masters in german however will be useful in getting translating jobs, as being an artist doesn't always pay the bills. looks like things are going to get pretty busy soon. lots in store, so stay tuned.

lg, Rae

cooking 001


one of the things i remember from my typical american upbringing was taking home economics (more commonly referred to as home ec) in middle school. here, we learned how to do a bit of sewing as well as cooking and baking. at the time, most of us considered it a fun and easy A. even better, we were able to eat our assignments. over 10 years later, i have to admit my housekeeping, cooking, and baking skills have not gotten any better although i am starting to make a concerted effort to try. i am starting to think that "how to survive after college 101" should be mandatory at every university, not only including how to cook meals that actually taste good but also simple things like changing a flat tire, fixing a broken pipe, or how to fold fitted sheets. sounds silly, but too many people of my generation and those of younger generations just don't have the common sense skills of generations before us. although, it seems to me that we have youtube and a plethora of how-to videos in return. not a bad trade off, if you ask me. yesterday morning i thought i would put my baking skills to the test and turned out this apple crumble.

Apple Crumble recipe can be found HERE

lg, Rae

interpreted book cover artwork


i came across this stunning interpretation of Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" by Rob Hodgson. really taken with this print, which can also be purchased here. "Catcher in the Rye" is sort of what i would call part of the american adolescent experience. in addition to being required high school reading, this book was truly an exploration of ourselves as lost teenagers bridging the gab between adulthood and childhood, exploring identity and isolation, wrong and right; fitting for the 9th grade. however, i also do think we could all benefit from revisiting this text and revisiting our teenage-selves in the process.

lg, rae

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