photos from wednesday and thursday


about to head out in a bit for a friend's birthday. i spent my day at the park hanging out with friends. it was so relaxing and wonderful to finally have a day that felt like summer or almost summer! yesterday azura came by for a tea party. she made some homemade blueberry muffins which we enjoyed over earl grey while watching the beginning of the september issue. i thought it was a really interesting documentary on vogue, anna, and the fashion industry, but i really wish that when you downloaded things from itunes, you would also download the special features along with it. i really wanted to check out the deleted scenes. anyway, here are some photos from our little tea party.



after tea we headed over to kudamm. in the ubahn statios the current adverts for the fashion against aids posters are up. i really like the style of this particular shoot, and it is for a great cause. 

thursday, i hung out with nazli. we grabbed drinks at kafe mitte. i drank an iced tea actually, because i was not in the mood for something hot.

i also had to photograph this poster we passed on the way to grab something to eat. amazing right?

anyway, i hope everyone has a great friday night! tell me what you did!

lg, Rae

nasty gals


can't wait for shorts and tops every day. summer, please come sooner.

lg, Rae

visual stimulation 006 - wanderlust


had a really lovely day enjoying the weather with my friend krustch. we just walked around with no real goal, had lunch at good times, and picked up some goodies at galeries lafayette. berlin is such a wonderful city to be in when the days are warm and the sun is shining. unfortunately the weather here is often grey and/or rainy. because of this i have been having such an incredible urge to hop onto an airplane right now and take a trip somewhere. thus i put together some stunning photographs in order to transport me there. sort of a strange form of travel therapy. i hope you enjoy the photos. after viewing i am sure you will get the travel bug as well. images found on tumblr.

lg, Rae

hey guys, i hope everyone is well! i have been trying to get into the habit of bringing my camera out with me when i go hang out with friends, so here are some photos from sunday. maja and i grabbed lunch and then hung out at pure origins for a bit before i had to return home to do homework! enjoy!

lg, Rae

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