leaving for nyc


nyc, from my trip last summer

Need Supply Co Spring 2012


i am really a bit of a kinship to these stills from Need Supply Co's Wes Anderson inspired Spring 2012 video. Directed by Duy Nguyen at The University of Richmond, these stills give off a Royal tenenbaums meets Rushmore meets Moonrise Kingdom vibe. If a Wes Anderson University existed, this is exactly what it would look like - classic IVY brick buildings and a uniquely wes 60s fashion vibe. Both videos can be found below.

lg, Rae

vergennnes laundry, VT


last week, carol and i went to vergennes laundry, a stunning little cafe in vergennes, vt to get a little work done. it was a much needed little getaway from middlebury. vergennes laundry used to be an old laundromat on mainstreet in vergennes. this modern yet rustic cafe has a beautiful clean and modern design - white walls, white ash wood tables, and grey industrial cement floors. in addition to the usual hot drinks offered at cafes, vergennes laundry had an incredible breakfast plate with yogurt, gateau au blé noir, and berries, which was as delicious as it was pretty. aesthetically perfect and delicious in every way, vergennes laundry is definitely on my list of favorite cafes. unfortunately i did not have my camera with me, but i snapped this with my iphone. if only all breakfasts were this lovely.

lg, rae

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