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there are a few things that i have always been a sucker for when it comes to the nicer things in life: good food, lovely places to see and to stay, and beautiful under garments. my penchant for naughty little lacy numbers stems from the way they can instantly transform a woman into the most sexy creature on earth. and with my interest in the 60s and vintage fashion, its not hard to see why i enjoy traipsing around my flat in a silky floral print robe and black little number underneath. but there is no reason to limit lace to the bedroom - i personally love the mix of exposed garters and thigh highs with outerwear. mixing outerwear with innerwear is not for everyone but i myself am definitely a fan as is evidenced by my own choices in clothing. it has definitely caused some nasty commentary by judgy ladies, but if my clothing choices put me in company with the likes of Tralala in "Last Exit to Brooklyn," i'm ok with that. girl be lookin' fierce.

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