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since returning to berlin, i have been going through what i would call a bit of a "life revival". sounds much more spiritual than it actually is. to put it simply, i have been cleaning like a friggin' maniac and de-cluttering as if it were my job (and being that i am currently unemployed, save for a few stints here and there, it's a relatively accurate description of my life as of late. that and perfecting my 1950s housewife skills, but more on that later or in another post). but wait. let me take back that previous statement, because there actually is something downright spiritual about purging junk out of one's life. it began with the reorganisation of the living room furniture and it did not stop there. i emptied boxes and drawers, ransacked my pantry, and began posting things on ebay. up next is the closet and bedroom. after that - electronics. an organized flat is an organized mind, i always say. well, said but did not live by. currently changing that!

while on this particular newfound quest for de-cluttered apartment satisfaction, i stumbled upon a website by the name of unclutterer. reading the self-described description above will give you a basic idea about the site. categories include organisation tips for the: bedroom, cable clutter, closets, and garage; as well as articles on hoarding, cleaning and decluttering. stumbled upon this great quote the other day as well:

stuff that sits around serving no purpose is clutter.

- the organisational gods over at

which is basically the perfect mantra for my newfound love for all that is organised and lacking in superfluousness. there is really something to be said about reducing the excess and finding the perfect harmony between a healthy sense of want and need. will get back to you if i ever truly find it. in the meantime, make your way over to if you would like to get a jumpstart on your own revamped and cleanly lifestyle. and if you happen to be one of the few who are naturally clean and organised, there are still bound to be articles for you too. a happy flat is a clean flat.

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