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i am currently at work taking a slight break in order to bring you a proper update. so here they are - the last set of photos from my trip to cali a few months ago! looking at these photos makes me long for california sun, but i should be back in LA in just a little over a month, if i play my cards right. READ: if i somehow manage to successfully juggle this blog, my internship, my PR job, and finishing 2 papers online. please world, cross your fingers for me. things have been insanely busy and stressful as of late, which is why i haven't really found the time to update properly or had the motivation to bring my camera around. i am hoping this will change soon, but school has to unfortunately take priority at the moment. after all, what are we without our masters degrees? now, we all know that self worth is not dependent on a degree, but getting hired and becoming a full-fledged member of the working society does. but who am i kidding with this degree? i am never going to be the cubicle type. instead, i have lots of ideas brewing in my head for entrepreneurial ventures which i may or may not pursue. well at least my diploma will look nice hanging on my any case, these pictures are from the Zoo in san diego (not usually a fan of zoos but the san diego zoo is also a wildlife sanctuary), lunch near by, and the boats in the harbor near our hotel in coranado. until next time...











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