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guess what? at the moment, i am currently sitting at my desk looking out of the window because the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant shade of deep blue. just crossing my fingers that it will remain this beautiful for the rest of the day. that being said, i have uni all day so i will be lusting after the beautiful weather from the confines of a classroom. why is it that the best days are always the ones i have to spend doing something other than lying in the park soaking up the sun? first world problems, seriously. anyway, now that i am back to berlin and back to some sort of regular schedule, i thought i would go ahead and share with you a few snapshots from my weekend getaway to the island of osedom on the ostsee (baltic sea) with the boyfriend. i brought my camera as well, but i am sure you all know how it is ... i was too busy being all romantical, which meant that my camera never even saw the light of day during this trip.

i did, however, manage to snap a few instagram shots. you guys can get a bit of an idea what usedom is like from these shots. the town itself quaint and charming (minus all the awkward stares i encountered during our stay due to the fact that i am asian, but i will get to that another time) and i have probably never eaten better fish in my life. seriously, we ate fish we stayed in a camper in the woods which was a really great escape from city life. i enjoyed being front row and center to nature and being able to take walks through the forest or lay on the beach. i swear if i would have stayed there any longer i am sure i would have turned into a full-blown hippie never showering, never shaving my legs and listening to the grateful dead on repeat. i kid, but it was refreshing to be away from all the pomp and circumstance of the city and just throw on a flowy t-shirt over your bathing suit. in true rae form, i did however pack my favorite pelpum skirt and black pumps. you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl?

the long weekend also solidified my desire to do a lot more traveling to places that are not so influenced by the latest trends or in-season hand bag. i am longing to backpack around the globe in warmer climates. dreaming of riding a motorbike through hanoi. now i know this all sounds a bit "into the wild" tropical edition, minus a tragic and painful death caused by mistaken plant identity and i am sure i am romanticizing this all just a wee bit in my first-world mind, but the feelings are genuine. there is something to the idea of just going at the world with the things on your back and the shoes on your feet exploring different cultures and meeting new people along the way. at least for a little while. these are the kinds of experiences which are truly unique and cannot be bought at any cost. i have also been toying with the idea of eventually moving to the coast somewhere. in any case as of late i have been doing an overall questioning and assessment of my consumption level in general. fashion has been taking a bit of a backseat in my life these days as well. now don't anyone panic. i will still be blogging about fashion and my life, but with slightly modified intentions behind my posts which may or may not end up being visible. but enough about my current *epiphanies* about life, it's time to get some work done before uni.

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