polyvore favorites


polyvore has been around for a while, so there is really new news to be found there. i never really got into using polyvore myself, but every now and then an image from polyovore catches my eye as i scroll through my tumblr dashboard. i have been collecting my favorites overtime and wanted to share them. i think that each outfit here represents my taste extremely well. i would definitely wear every single outfit here. if it were only possible and affordable to track down all these items and add them to my wardrobe. i am also aware that all these outfits are extremely summery, but i really haven't seen any wintry polyvore creations and in any case these looks can be used as inspiration and it it isn't too hard to think about adapting them for winter. for example, the last outfit would look amazing with opaque tights, a black circle scarf, and a leather jacket with a black beanie. i hope these looks can be inspiriting to you as well. (unfortunately i am not sure of their original sources.)

lg, Rae

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