haircuts and colors


the other day i decided to finally take the plunge and do something new with my hair. i had actually been thinking about making the change for two weeks. silly as it may sound, to go from light reddish brown curly hair to dark brown straight hair and bangs was a big decision and i had to build up the courage to do it. i liked my hair previously and cannot say that i was unhappy with it, but i wanted something edgier. i think there are a lot of other girls out there who can have curly hair and no bangs and look amazing and still look edgy, but i have the problem where i often end up just looking sort of "cute" with more normal haircuts - thus the plunge. i have to say that i am super happy with this new change and that it feels a lot more like the person i am on the inside is now reflected on the outside. i still definitely like cutesy looks as well and need girly days too, but i find myself leaning towards both darker punkier and gothier styles and a laid back artsy sensibility lately. i actually think i only wore a skirt one time last week. chalk it up to the rain and long travel time at the break of dawn for uni, but leggings and an oversized striped shirt just seem like the perfect thing to wear when i will be spending my afternoons in the library doing work. i snapped these photos with my iphone in the dressing room of uo after meeting up with adelinn yesterday. i sort of feel like a gothic alien or an artsy vampire now.

lg, Rae

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