the entire cat population is my best friend


The Balletcats is a t-shirt company that was founded by Jordan Marzuki, an artist from Indonesia. What i love about most of his designs is that they are macabre yet heartwarming at the same time. A difficult feat, to make something cute and grim but somehow he has done it. although most of Marzuki's designs consist of illustrations, my heart was completely taken when i saw this sweatshirt. and somehow, despite lacking illustrations, the sort of dark but happy vibe that runs throughout Marzuki's line is carried out through this half depressing half endearing phrase - it's a bit like "forever alone" but with the company of cats. sadly this sweatshirt is currently sold out, otherwise i would snatch it up right away, but you can check out Marzuki's other products here.

lg, Rae

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