tree trimming and "final" goodbyes


on saturday night, adelinn, maja, and linnea came over to drink glögg, hang out, and help me decorate my christmas tree. i was happy to be able to get us all together for a cozy night, since adelinn, maja, and linnea are all moving back to sweden - leaving mere here all alone! well that isn't quite true. i have many other friends in berlin as well whom i love and cherish, but i have a special place in my heart for the swedes. ;) it was nice to have a relaxed night in between all of the studying i have been doing for university. things have been quite stressful but with the holiday break coming up, i can finally sit back and breathe a bit - although not too much because i will also be using the time to work on one of my papers.

i will be spending chistmas with one of my best friends, norman. i am really looking forward to seeing him, because it has been forever and a day since we were able to hang out last. he lives in dortmund, so we only get to hang out when he is back in berlin. i will also actually be going to sweden for holiday on the 29th and will be staying with adelinn until the 7th which is extremely exciting because i have been wanting to go to sweden - specifically stockholm since forever. adelinn and linnea will most likely be moving back to berlin in the summer in any case, so it is only goodbye for a little while. maja's move will be more permanent, but luckily there is always Skype. the sad part about berlin, is that many of the people who move here from other countries tend to only stay for short periods of time. a lot of traffic passes in and out of berlin. i am one of the more unusual foreigners who have really made it a point to make a life for myself here, so i tend to stay, as everyone else comes and goes. friends will always stay friends, but having to say goodbye is never easy.

sorry for the absence from the blogging world, i have been so busy with school. but i really hope everyone is doing well and preparing for the holidays!
Happy Channukah, Merry Xmas, and Happy Kwanzaa!

lg, Rae

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