walking again.


hello lovelies, just a quick entry. i went to the doctor's today and found out that everything with my foot is fine. i have to wear a bandage around it for a while, and i should try to give it a bit of a break, but overall, everything is fine! i am so happy with the good news and very thankful to my good friend norman for coming with me and keeping me company. of course i was so silly this morning in a rush to get out of the house and so concentrated on moving about on crutches i forgot my other shoe, so i still had to use the crutches to get me home, but i could not be more excited today. anyway here is a photo from me today, while i was out with azura. the knee socks and backpack make this outfit a bit of a "catholic-schoolgirl-meets-fhain, berlin" feel. you will also notice i am wearing flat shoes. i will have to be doing that for a few weeks now. so no heels for me for a while :( i also talked to some really nice guys at goodies (the cafe) today. one runs a really interesting blog, called http://coffeediary.it/ . basically, you can upload any of your photos of coffees and they will be uploaded to the website. it is a great source of community :) the other guy has a website as well called http://makersand.co/ full of a lot of interesting technological endeavors. i suggest you check them both out if you have a moment! 

p.s. this photo was taken with instagram, so go ahead and find me there and add me if you like! @raeatloveforschoolgirl

lg, Rae

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