hello lovelies, i hope you all had a great start to the week yesterday! the weather was at least a bit sunny yesterday, so maja and i took advantage of good weather and visited a swedish candy store right here in fhain after grabbing some veggie burgers around the corner. today, is sadly overcast and wednesday and thursday is calling for rain, so i thought i would share some photos from a satuday a few weeks ago (28 April 2012) when the weather was hot and sunny. anna met maja, allie, and i for lunch at intimes in fhain. afterwards, maja, allie, and i headed to Volkspark Friedrichshain to enjoy the warm weather. 

allies' afternoon drink

the lovely anna

magazine reading

strange guacamole!

my favorite food in the world - flammkuchen, the german pizza.

lovely girls.

anna enjoying the sun.


icecream at the park.


a look above.

i love relaxing in the park and reading magazines.

some other people enjoying the good weather.

i hope you all enjoyed the photos. today i might head over to the store to check out some new cameras. i have been thinking about investing in a new camera for the better half of a year, because i would really like to have better video filming capabilities. other than that, i think i might work on some music, take care of errands, and watch a film with allie. have a great tuesday, everyone!

lg, Rae

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