friday at mauerpark


still have a cast on my leg. actually went out today and hung out all day with allie despite the difficulty of hobbling around on my crutches. i will not let this stupid cast ruin my fun. anyway, here are some photos i snapped from last friday, when i hung out with my girls maja and allie. i met maja at her school and then we grabbed some lunch and headed over to mauer park where allie joined us. it was a great day to enjoy the sun.

maja and a muffin

me with glasses glare

fried noodles

some suitcases outside of a second hand store on the way to the park

me and darling allie

lovely maja



sneakers (sorry for the confusion! the shoes are allie's!)

i love this shot of allie so much


candid shots are my favorite

the darling maja and i. 


hope you all enjoyed and are having a lovely wednesday (now thursday!)

lg, Rae

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