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hello darlings, i hope that you are all having a wonderful start to your Saturday.  i am just taking care of some work - editing work from some students from norway who are learning English. i have aspirations of cleaning my flat as well as gathering up clothes of mien i would like to sell or give away. this evening i am attending my friend melissa's shop opening. i suggest if you are living in berlin and have some time that you stop by. there will be free food and lovely designs to look at. yesterday i finally utilized the private garden behind my building which is open to the residents of my apartment building and the neighboring apartment building. it's a nice spot of green to have, and literally at my backdoor as well. i invited allie and maja over and we just hung out back there for a while. i love going to public parks as well, but sometimes it is nice to opt for a quieter private alternative. anyway, i wanted to share with you some photos from last monday (the 14th)! maja and i grabbed lunch at a veggie bistro and then visited this swedish candy store so that maja could get her candy fix. we then ended the day at goodies.


me. i am sorry i do not know why i am doing this claw thing with my hand haha.

possibly the biggest burrito i have ever laid eyes on.

my soy chicken burger. and the most amazing fries you will ever eat.

herr nelson godis is the name of the swedish candy store in fhain. it is modest and cute inside with beautiful looking sweets.

some pre-packaged candy

and candy you can select for yourself

a close up of some lovely colored gummy candy

i myself am not a big candy eater, but i do find these sweet so lovely to look at as they are very pretty and smell amazing.

when you go inside, you just take a brown bag and fill it with whichever sweet you would like

the goods

small stores outside a store on warshauerstrasse

my finished drink at goodies.

hope you enjoyed! 

lg, Rae

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