photos from Friday 4 May 2012


hello dolls! i hope everything is going well with everyone! i am just enjoying a lazy morning before i have to face the day and take care of a lot of stuff. i am currently chatting with my dear friend claudia who lives in japan. we often talk around this time since it seems to work the best for the both of us. anyway, i just wanted to post some pictures from a few fridays ago, when i met up with maja for lunch and conversation. i grabbed a bite to eat at yamyam, and then we headed over to sankt oberholz for some summer drinks and to chat a bit. oh, and how do you like my recently purchased ring above? pretty bad ass right? 

oh, i also got stopped a few weeks ago by the street diary. they are a street fashion blog from berlin, and the people behind the blog are also super lovely, so i would suggest you stop by and visit their page if you have a moment. most of the street fashion photos are taken around mitte from what i can tell. it will give you all some insight into how people are currently dressing in berlin in that part of the city. unfortunately the photograph of myself is possibly one of the worst photos i have taken, but i am still flattered that they stopped me. of course in a moment of vain panic, i asked the opinions of a few friends, to which i was relieved to hear that it is a bad photo and doesn't really look much like me. although we all have good photo days and bad ones, right? silly thing, but we are all allowed to have our moments of vanity and insecurity once in a blue moon, right? haha.

well that is all for now, darlings!

lg, Rae

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