fun for adults


how great would it be to have this in your flat? i love the juxtaposition of this childish pastime in such a modern professional looking flat. in fact, wouldn't it be even greater if this were the office you worked in? anytime you encountered horrible bouts of writer's block or just needed to step away from whatever project you were working on for fear of going crazy, you could just take a bit of a break and just relax and have some fun. i personally think work productivity would increase dramatically if every office building had an adult play room full of slides, things to climb through, and a ball pit, as well as a nap room.

in any case, i am heading to VIENNA tomorrow! one of my closest friends from the states arrived yesterday, and during part of her stay, we decided to visit another country in europe since this is her first time here. so the next time you hear from me, i will be in austria!

lg, Rae 

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