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Kaffeemitte in Mitte, Berlin, 2014.

I'm tingling from the top of my head to the very end of my toes. Everything is coming up roses, despite the obvious fact that there is a layer of snow on the ground, meaning there are no flowers in sight, and I am still having to wear my hideous green parka everywhere in order to keep from freezing my arse off. What, pray tell, has got me all excited? Life. Ah, life. How good it can be. I could not be more exited about 2014 and all of the things I am planning to accomplish. So far, I am working on graphic design work and flexing my programming fingers for my internship at FLUX, babysitting an adorable 4 year old girl twice a week, jump-starting my blogging and photography once more, finding a place for music making in my life again, cuddling on sofa with the mister while watching dexter, and grabbing coffee and dinner with friends. If only there were more hours in the day!

Now I am aware of the fact that one of my lifestyle resolutions for good ole 2014 is to prioritize, meaning limiting what I do and weeding out what I do not have time for in order to actually get really good at what I do still have time for. But ... I also have never really tried to do just what I have wanted to do. With Uni and Grad school occupying much of my adult life, NOW is the time I have to do what I want. I figure it makes more sense to start to do everything and simply see what things I tend to not prioritize rather than sitting around not doing anything trying to narrow down what I "should be doing". Besides, I am one of those people who is happiest when she has a shit ton of things to take care of and actually tend to get down and feel really empty when I have nothing to do. And in any case, one of the best parts about all the things I am currently doing is that they tend to overlap. Oh, that and that much of the work I am doing can be done remotely, meaning you can often find me at my favorite cafes scattered across Berlin... or in my PJs in my living room glued to the computer shouting at illustrator...

The photos in this post were taken on Wednesday at KAFFEMITTE, a cafe/restaurant in Mitte, Berlin (I know, something really new and different for me) as well as the location of my meeting/catch-up with David. We talked over tea and food before taking care of business in Hackescher Markt where I shot David's streetstyle photos in the bitter cold. My hands literally started to go numb. Streetstyle photos may not be the most creative to take, but they still give me the opportunity to practice my photography. I have also been contacted about a collaboration with a photographer, which means I will be flexing my in-front-of-the-camera muscles sometime soon. It's always great to have friends who can model for me for my photographic work, but it's also awesome to have enthusiastic friends and photographers who can make my life a bit easier by helping me keep this blog alive by snapping photos of myself as well ... which is sort of funny because I cannot exactly say I am the most comfortable in front of a camera, so who knows how I even really got started with all of this blogging ... I am just thankful I don't have to rely on my tripod and the timer 100% of the time.

And as much as this craziness has got me extremely excited, it makes it that much more important that I make sure I take time out for myself to relax and clear my mind (something else that is on my list of resolutions). And i've basically been doing just that during during most weekdays. As much as I love spending time with my darling boyfriend, I have to admit that I am also really starting to appreciate alone time and evenings by myself because it's time I can take out to just relax and sink into bed with candles lit, music playing and my kindle. These evenings are also a great opportunity to take care of any of the "girl maintenance" I need to attend to like painting the nails or re-dying my hair. As annoying as that shit can be, dem nailz ain't gonna paint deyselfs and dat hair ain gonna dye isself.

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photography: david (photos of me) and rae tashman (all other shots)
post-production: rae tashman

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