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Lately, I have been doing a lot of purging from my life to make room for... well a few new things here and there but mostly... absolutely nothing. It has all been about clearing out the old and pairing my life down the essentials. (...Which also sounds like the perfect opportunity for some shameless self promotion: i am still selling gently-worn and never-been-worn or never-been-used clothing and accessories on my storenvy in case anyone is interested!) It's amounted to a great re-discovery of a lot of clothing items I had completely forgotten about and I can safely say that for the first time in my life I sort of feel like I have everything I need. It's not very often, though, that I re-discover a beauty product. This is where Lush Ultrabalm comes into play. Basically, this stuff is fan-freakin-tastic. Now, one of my favorite things about Lush products in general is that not only are they good for the body - they are good for the soul. What i mean by that is that none of their products have been tested on animals and their ingredients are 100% vegetarian, if not vegan. Looking and feeling pretty never felt so guilt free! Now on to the balm itself...

I purchased this stuff a while back, as evidenced by the few nicks and dings on this canister from being dropped, and never really found a use for it. I found the sticky and grainy beeswax-like formula strange and didn't really stick around to see if there any benefits of using this product. I stashed it away in my medicine cabinet since I have can never really seem to bring myself to throw things out. I found it a few days ago and decided to try it out. After using a bit of the top layer, this balm really began to soften up, leaving it's texture a lot creamier. The balm itself looks and feels as though it should leave you feeling like a greaseball after using it but does just the opposite. Every winter I encounter the problem of perpetually dry fingers, especially the skin around my pointer finger and thumb. I also recently bought some super cheap liquid soap from the grocery store and have been regretting my attempt at saving a buck ever since as this 90 cent soap is SUPER drying. After rubbing Ultrabalm on my trouble areas however, that scaly skin has started to disappear and I have been left with super soft and silky hands. Ultrabalm claims to be an all-purpose moisturizer for just about any body part so in addition to slathering it on my rough hands, I have been using it on my heels and elbows. Basically I cannot say enough good things about this magical little container of pure goodness, and implore y'all to pick up this little wonder at your local Lush ASAP!

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