santa monica pier


now i really have no idea about how native LAers feel about santa monica pier - too touristy? crowded? kitschy? - but i personally loved it. then again i definitely have a soft spot in my heart for all that is kitsch. i mean you are talking to a girl who basically furnished her dorm room in college with 25 cent thrift store finds consisting of (but not limited to) framed cross stitches of fruit, portraits of saints, and ceramic mugs from the 60s. i sort of have this dream of returning to santa monica pier and riding the mighty mouse, eating cotton candy until i want to throw up, and riding the ferris wheel with my boyfriend while dressed in my cutest wiggle dress and dolled up with flowers in my hair. alright, alright, now i know my life is not a 1950s teen movie, but can we just pretend for a little bit? pleeeaaaaassseee?

we actually did not spend too much time on the boardwalk itself but grabbed lunch towards the start of the pier (can't remember the name of the restaurant though!)and filled up on food-that-is-not-good-for-you-but-you-don't-even-care-because-it-tastes-amazing. i got some sort of mexican pizza and chips with the three best dips in the world: guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. (if any of you disagree with this statement, we need to have a serious talk about your life choices.) just typing out this post is making me hungry again. avocados on my kitchen counter, i hope you are ripe enough for eating! after lunch, we snapped a few family photos (the lovely lady pictured below is my mother, who just had her birthday yesterday! happy birthday, mom!) and then headed over to Third Street Promenade, where i picked up my amazing pea pods from the disney store and some stuff for friends. pretty stoked to be returning to LA in just a few months (cross my fingers!). there is still so much i have yet to see.

on the life update front, things have only gotten busier. i think i tricked myself into believing i was going to have more time for blogging, but it seems as though it is sadly not the csse. i will *try my best* to post at least once a week, but with an internship, job, university, AND a new relationship, you can imagine that i am having a bit of a hard time figuring out my priorities and getting everything done on time. i do have a bunch of instagrammed outfit of the days to share with yall soon, some other updates, and more fashion-related posts, so stay tuned for that. i know am really behind on responding to all of your lovely comments as well, but i do want to let you all know that i value each and every one of them! in the mean time, don't kill me if you suddenly get a life-threatening hankering for mexican and guac after looking through these photos.

lg, Rae
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