new years eve in sweden!


hey everyone! at the moment steffi and i are just hanging out and watching movies. we are at adelinn's house after returning home earlier this afternoon after new years eve partying. as you all know i have been spending some time in sweden this winter break. for the first two days i stayed with adelinn at her home - which by the way is exactly what you would think a swedish home in a small town should and would look like (do not worry i will be posting photos soon!) we then met up with steffi and lisa and drove into the country close to Mariestad so spend new years. we first watched the fireworks, before heading out to the farm to have dinner and celebrate. the fireworks were so delightful to watch - there is just something so magical about watching them. i can't imagine i will ever outgrow them. back at the farm we had an amazing time, eating, dancing, and drinking in the new year until we eventually passed out from exhaustion around 4. i snuggled up on a big chair for the evening, which was surprisingly comfortable. i hope you all had an amazing new years as well and have greeted the new year with friends and/or loved ones. here are some photos from our evening! how did you all spend your new years this year? have you made any resolutions?

me preparing napkins for the table setting

finished glasses of glögg

the table decorations were just absolutely perfect

steffi and i

lisa and adelinn

an incredible dinner - Lotte and her sisters prepared everything, which was a pretty large undertaking as there were about 20 people there. i don't think i have ever tasted anything more delicious.

a bit of quiz to bring in the new year

new years quizzes are serious business, if you didn't already know

stunning desserts which tasted fabulous. i don't remember the girl's name who made all of these amazing desserts but she was kind enough to make lactose free ones, which were delicious.

me and my darling adelinn. unforunately adelinn got really sick after new years and wasn't able to come with us to stockholm.

we all went out around 12 and had champagne, new years cigars, and lit sparklers

the lovely steffi enjoying a glass of champagne on the porch after midnight

lotte and a friend

i hope you guys enjoyed a little peak into my new years!
lg, Rae

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