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i hope everyone had an amazing holiday season! oh and thanks to everyone for the tv suggestions. i have started watching how i met your mother and find it both hilarious and endearing. my family is not christian, so there was no sense in flying home since we do not celebrate christmas as a family, but i really enjoy the holiday season personally, so i celebrated christmas with one of my best guy friends this year here in germany. we travelled an hour outside of berlin to the east of germany to celebrate at his grandmother's house. i was happy to be in the company of a family for the holiday season, because family is what the holiday season is all about. it's also really comforting to spend it with someone who has become like a brother to me. unfortunately i was still nursing my cold the entire time, which i am still dealing with this evening. really one of the longest colds i have had for a long time! norman's grandmother was just so sweet though and kept recommending remedies and making sure i drank enough hot lemon with honey. there is just something to comforting about all grandmothers - they just take on this role of worrying about everyone's well being, which s really heartwarming.

although christmas has passed, i still cannot bring myself to take down my tree just yet. i am also itching to get on my plane to sweden! so excited to be reunited with friends and visit a new country. after new years is when people tend to start hating winter - no more holidays to look forward to, just the cold. but i think winter is really beautiful, and it is the only time of year where drinking a warm cup of cocoa or tea feels like the most luxurious and cozy thing on earth.
what is your favorite cozy winter drink?

lg, Rae

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