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thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post! the VIEWS launch party was a complete success and i had the most amazing time. but more on that in my next post. here is last month's collection of instagram photos. the first batch are photos taken from my flat.

top left: the first real snow of the winter season from my living room window. winter just does not feel like winter to me until those unique little frozen white crystals fall from the sky. that, and like any other normal human being, nothing makes me smile more than snowflakes in these cold months.
top right: my favorite way to spend a cozy afternoon when i have the whole day to myself: lighting a bunch of candles and popping in one of my favorite films. 10 points to anyone who can name the film being played here.
bottom left: a photo taken not long after i cut and died my hair. short bangs lend themselves perfectly to retro/rockabilly styles à la Wanda Woodward.
bottom right: lazy morning watching "Cry-Baby" in bed. Satire tied up in a pretty 50s package featuring a young Johnny Depp and impeccable fashion? Check.

top left: last year during christmas, i almost jumped impulsively at the chance to buy this cheesy little number. this year i did just that. nothing says cozy like a high definition recording of a fireplace roaring and crackling on your telly. best 10 euros i ever spent.
top right/bottom left: maja, linnea, adelinn, and i hanging out and drinking glögg. in case you are new to my blog, a complete post full of photos from this night can be found here.
bottom right: my humble little christmas tree post-decoration. if it were socially acceptable i would probably keep my christmas tree up year round. then again the magic of christmas would probably wane if it became commonplace. still, i haven't been able to take down my tree just yet. i find january to still be an acceptable month for christmas trees, but if i can't mange to take it down before february i might have to call 1-800-christmasaddictsanonymous.

top left: a darling little chocolatey gift from berlin air. i cannot bare to eat it as it is just too cute.
top right: Eldritch Tales. Basically an entire book of creepy pasta. found this in a bookstore in götenborg. will probably be ordering it from amazon soon.
bottom left: a table setting from a trip to ikea. and i mean, who doesn't love trips to ikea? they have delicious meals for unbeatable prices, free coffee or tea for IKEA family members and putting together IKEA furniture is basically like legos for adults.
bottom right: my favorite british magazine given to me by the darling emma over at boomzy. even more awesome is that the theme of the issue was blogging. too bad they do not carry company in germany.

top left: one of my favorite discoveries that december - Aunt Benny in Friedrichshain. if you are looking for a quiet place to take care of some work while enjoying a latte i would definitely recommend Aunt Benny. they also have amazing sandwiches, bagels, and quiches. love the interior as well. the only drawback is that it is a bit of a walk during winter from the ubahn station.
top right: my hair and makeup for the VIEWS party back in december.
bottom left: peppermint tea during class at the university makes getting through a 10AM class during the winter months more bearable.
bottom right: coffee break with linnea at Goodies on Warschauerstrasse. Goodies has long been one of my favorite and most trusted places to meet friends. Their menu consists mostly of delectable vegan goodies and i have yet to taste a better chai soy latte anywhere else.

curious to know your favorite cafe as well. send me a link in case i am ever traveling in the area and need a place to have a warm drink and read a good book!

lg, Rae

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