you know what? i just love thursdays. why? might you ask. well it's because thursday is the jumpstart to my weekend, meaning i can sleep in - which is exactly what i did today. of course its not all fun and games because although two out of my five weekdays are not spent at uni, they are spent writing my papers and working. however, just the thought of not having to wake up at 7:00 puts a smile on my face come wednesday evening. oh, which brings me to the next thing i love - wednesday evenings because they are effectively my friday evenings. last night i spent my "wednesday/friday" night indulging in pizza hut and nachos at the movies. even though i am hoping to implement a healthier diet into my life, it just felt like the right thing to do. i mean everyone needs to enjoy their lives and not take them too seriously. food for me is a big part of life, so i thought why the hell not? now this way of thinking can get one into a lot of trouble, but as long as its more of a treat than a lifestyle, i really do not see the harm in things.

i met my friend called jakob around 7 at the pizza hut in potsdamer plats where we split a deep dish pizza and chicken mango salad. now the pizza hut in berlin is more of a resturaunt than a fast food place - something i wasn't aware of but was happy to discover. i would probably compare it to restaurants in the US like tgi fridays. however, the pizza tasted just as cheap and greasy as i remembered it from my high school trips to the local pizza hut with my friends after school. which is to say, it tasted AMAZING. that is the funny thing with living abroad though - you start to crave things you haven't eaten in 15 years simply because it reminds you of a piece of home. dinner was followed by the hobbit and at sony center. i had no real expectations going into the film and it took some time for me to get into the film and it being in 3D - it all struck me as a bit childish at first but its probably due to the fact that i have been watching way too much game of thrones and now feel as if nothing can compare to the rugged bad-assery that is game of thrones. that and the fact that i generally reserve 3D for cartoons. however about 20 minutes into the movie i really started to get into it and ended up really enjoying the film.

now backtracking a little bit to tuesday night in order to explain the photos above and below: i went and grabbed dinner and dessert with a friend of mine called ross. now generally i reserve wednesdays for schoolwork, work, music and/or blogging, so i felt a bit like a naughty child out past her bedtime, but ross is only here visiting for a week, so i made an exception. ross and i met over the summer while i was in the states starting my masters. he is a maga-talented speaker of over 5 languages and works for the UN translating and interpreting. we spent the evening eating korean food and gorging out on delicious food and talking about the usual: boys, work, and life.

i will be heading out in a bit for the launch party of VIEWS for fashion week, so be sure to follow the fun via my instagram: lovefromberlin <3
lg, Rae

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