required reading 001: what are you looking at?


Over the weekend, my friends jeanette and krutsch and i popped into dussmann after dinner. i beelined it to the english book section, where i spotted the exact book i was looking for - what are you looking at? 150 years of modern art in the blink of an eye. this book, written by will gompertz, gives a unique and interesting overview of modern art, which i decided would be indispensable to my modest yet growing library. i am a very visual person and have an extreme appreciation for fine arts both as a former fine arts undergrad as well as an appreciator of art. in addition to my personal interest, seeing as i will be taking a handful of art history courses at the university for my graduate program, i figured i should get a head start and give myself some required reading. i generally take it upon myself to read the introduction and first chapter of each book that interests me before purchasing, so that is exactly what i did. thus, i can tell you all so far that this book is definitely worth the read, if only to enhance your general knowledge of modern art and aid your next trip to the MoMA, Tate, Hamburger Bahnhof, or any other modern/contemporary art museum.

lg, Rae

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