new blog?


You all may have noticed a few changes to the blog over the past few days, namely in the name of this blog. after careful consideration, i have decided to change it to suit me more well-roundedly. for a while now i have tried to stick to a specific theme when it concerned the fashion portion of this blog - a schoolgirl aesthetic. i picked this theme because i thought of both a traditional and a more liberal translation of the aesthetic applied to the majority of my wardrobe. however it still left me sometimes planning outfits around my blog aesthetic, not photographing other outfits all togehter or trying to see how i could fit certain outfits into an overly liberal translation of the style. my pervious posts have represented me but completely and i can stand behind the new name 100%.

*tl;dr: new domain name please adjust your gfcs and bloglovins! Follow the new blog HERE and on bloglovin' HERE

lg, Rae

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