Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!


in the heart of downtown new york city, 2013

hello from virginia. the boyfriend and i are currently residing stateside, relishing in our few last days of our winter holidays. but more on that soon. the current oder of business: new years even. what? you mean you actually thought i was going to ring in the new year sans obligatory new years eve blog post? no sir. and just how was new years spent? well, the man and i basically did what we do best - we put on our plaid pyjama bottoms, and cuddled on the sofa watching DEXTER. my past three new years have actually all been spent quite differently. i was completely wasted in 2012-2013 running around berlin with my girl Maja and a bunch of strangers (friends-of-friends) till all hours of the night/morning, which ended with me throwing up in the underground station. (on any other day of the year, people would have been disgusted - myself included - but in their own new year fervor and drunken stupor they just applauded!) in 2013-2014 i was in the countryside of sweden at a dinner party with a few close friends and their friends. we all rang in the new year tipsy and glowing, eventually falling asleep in different parts of the farmhouse - i in an arm chair in the study with my coat doubling as a blanket. this year i turned down the party-with-strangers and party-with-friends and had the cosier, dare i say "boring" variant: me and my boyfriend simply spent the evening enjoying each others company. although i am a fan of each kind of way to ring in the new year, i do think that new year tends to be that time of year (only rivalled by christmas parties) where people tend to get a bit too carried away with status and trying to make sure they appear to be having the best year ever, ending up at a giant rooftop party surrounded by strange faces, as opposed to spending the evening with those they truly hold dear. now don't get me wrong - i love a great party as much as the next person and not everyone who opts for grand anonymity are searching for validation. it's just that sometimes the simpler things in life are the things that mean the most, especially on a day like new years. after all, i live in the party capital of europe and can party hardy every weekend, but new years eve only comes once a year.

lg, Rae
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