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along with the growing desire to just pick up and get the fuck out of here, i am also leaning toward holing up and never leaving. never leaving the imaginary home i have already started building inside my head, that is. so have i totally lost it and gone entirely crazy? not exactly ... i am talking about a literal home, it just doesn't exist yet. nick and i have always bounced around the idea of moving to australia (his heart is set on sydney, although i am leaning toward melbourne) or california, and although i find that all new couples like to fantasise about a hypothetical future together, as the months go by and our relationship grows, the idea seems less like a fantasy and more like a plan. last weekend, while lazing around on the sofa and being the general unwashed slobs we occasionally like to be from friday to sunday, nick and i scrolled through photos of container homes and interior design. and as luck would have it, we have similar ideas about how we would like to live. today i spent the better half of the day right-clicking and saving tons of images to create this collage. what really gets my interior design tail waggin' is the combination of industrial & natural materials. i am also a big fan of concrete floors, brick walls, exposed pipes or wooden beams, and greyish or dark woods. in terms of a colour palette, i find the combination of black, white, grays and creams as well as an accent colour like a dusty pale pink, turquoise, or purple the way to go. the only problem now i want to give my entire flat a makeover, but with all this talk of moving within the next few years, i don't know if i could justify spending money on my current flat right now.

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