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If you are anything like I am, you too have thrown your hands up in the air in disbelief and frustration while cursing your computer screen as you continue to scroll through (or in my case, only to turn up one hideously designed cat bed/climbing perch/litter box after another. Which brings me to the age-old question every cat-owning female has asked herself - why is all this shit so horrendously ugly? Now let's (not so) seriously take a moment and think about this ... I understand that in the days of yore a "cat lady" was stereotypically a past-her-prime spinster with a proclivity toward reading too many paperback romance novels and watching too many daytime television soap operas. Perhaps because of this, the producers of cat accessories thought colour schemes and designs were really not their prime concern … and proceeded to make everything either a combination of brown and tan, or a garish hue of orange. However, I personally have the sneaking suspicion that even Mrs. I-have-too-many-cats-and-not-enough-human-interaction was displeased with her lack of choice when accessorising for her furry friends. I blame the makers of cat products. Is it really so damned hard to create functional AND attractive cat perches, letterboxes, and the like? Especially seeing as though the new cat owner tends to be a savvy 20-something woman with a penchant for reading the New Yorker and a love of interior design and well designed products.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I suppose instead of bitching and moaning, one could do something about this very real and first world problem young cat-owning women (and men!) are facing. Because, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when life gives you limes, go plant yourself a lemon tree - and then make some lemonade. This brilliant DIY from the boat people's blog will show you how to create your very own stylish dwelling for your very own furry loved one(s).

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