göteborg & falköping sweden


when i first arrived in sweden during my winter vacation, i landed in göteborg, fumbled my way through the airport and onto a bus, and rode into center of the city to meet adelinn. awesomely enough, many cities in europe have lockers varying in sizes in major translations, which means you still have the ability to see the city either upon arrival or upon departure, by storing your giant suitcase away for a few hours, which is exactly what we did so adelinn could show me around sweden's second largest city before we took the train back to her home in falköping. despite the rainy weather, i found göteborg to be full of a number of cute cafes and stores. later we arrived in falkoping in the evening. adelinn's brother jonathan picked us up from the train station and we then headed to the grocery store where i was pleasantly surprised to see an array of american goodies. so if any americans are looking for a place to move to, may i suggest sweden? it was the first time in FOREVER i was able to buy copious amounts of cheetos - the puffy kind. i mean what more would one need to consider when relocating to a new country. other bonus? everyone in sweden speaks english and are happy to do it. but i digress. we later arrived to adelinn's home, where we stayed for a few days before heading out to the country for new years.imagine the perfect swedish country home, and you have adelinn's family's home - only better since it was still decorated from christmas. i managed to snap a few photos, so take a look down below. adelinn's house was basically the perfect house for relaxation and coziness. we basically spent the time doing exactly that plus watching a bunch of movies - it was basically perpetually pj day .... which was awesome. oh, and being the dedicated blogger that i am, i made sure to fit in time for blogging as well ;)

how did you all spend your winter vacations? do you prefer doing something cozy or going all out? how about a combination of the both?

lg, Rae

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