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last night i was able to catch up with my friend diana. she came over for dinner and we hung out on the deck and just did a lot of catching up. i have been testing out my camera as well and running around taking care of lots of unfunny things like going to the dentist. i also just realized that i never shared these photos with you, which is perfect, since i am still playing with my new camera and do not have any new photos to share with you all yet. this is an outfit i wore the day wingyi and i visited the german history museum and flew to vienna. i am wearing a blazer from zara, blouse from zara, shorts from a vintage store from paris, h&m tights, h&m shoes, a beret from uo, and a tote bag from one teaspoon. the weather was still quite chilly which is why i am so heavily dressed! i think this is a great updated schoolgirly outfit due to the blazer and the beret, which really just makes this the perfect outfit to wear to a trip to the museum!

the small purple sticker is the sticker from the museum. 
i liked it so it is still sitting on my blazer.

a side shot where you can see the design on the tote quite well

hope you enjoyed!

lg, Rae

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