1st advent


i hope everyone is doing well! last sunday, my friend kjetil and i went to maja and emil's flat for a small party to celebrate the first of advent. we drank glögg and ate swedish sweets. each year, they come out with a different flavor in sweden for glögg. last year's was saffron glögg, which maja was able to buy from ikea. it was so sweet. i actually like it much better than the glühwein, however in principle, they are pretty much the same thing. emil also had us play this really entertaining game he and a few of his friends invented. you take a cardboard box, like a cereal box, and put it on the ground. each player has to try to pick up the box with their mouth, hands behind their backs. the catch is that you cannot let you knees touch the ground! and once everyone has a turn, the box is cut shorter and shorter until it is just a small square on the ground. i'll be playing this game at my christmas party this year for sure! speaking of christmas, i really need to get to decorating. tomorrow my friend krutsch and i are going to go to the store to pick me up a tree. i can't wait to decorate it. expect pictures, for sure :)

lg, Rae

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