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tomorrow i am going to ikea with sunny, so i thought it fitting to share some of what has influenced my personal designing sensibility in creating my own personal space (pictures to eventually follow). i am a bit of a perfectionist, so i do have to admit i am never completely satisfied with the spaces i create - which explains the lack of photos of my flat here. but lately i have been very motivated to paint the walls of my living room and bedroom and would like to do something about the bareness of my walls and lack of curtains around the windows.

i am an extremely aesthetically driven person which explains my love of interior design (as well as visual art, and fashion!) and my need for designing and filling the places in which i live with a specific sensibility that pleases me and makes me feel at home. aesthetics are important to me mostly because of the feelings, atmospheres, and moods that they create, whether it be in the combination of colors, textures, objects, and furniture in a bedroom; the lighting, filters, and subject matter of a photograph; the unison of items and fabrics and colors in an outfit; or the strokes and intensions of an artist displayed on his/her "canvas". it's why i go to art museums to find artwork that speaks to me visually and emotionally, or why i watch certain films repeatedly.

i want my room to look and feel like pieces of a wes anderson film, spike jonez's Where the Wild Things Are, sofia coppola's Marie Antoinette and a general Late Baroque sensibility, Amélie's bedroom, Van Gogh's paintings after he shied away from the dark muted colors of traditional Dutch painting and became inspired by the French Impressionists, Mrs de Florian's "sleeping" apartment, and the cardboard city of Science of Sleep all pieced together to make one space i can be happy to call my home.

lg, Rae

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